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Wai wai! *throws glitter*

Finally! I've been looking for a place like this for a while!

Nihao, my name's Remy/Raimi. I've only seen a few of the DVDs of the anime but I fell in love with it--I just thought it was the perfect break I needed from the dreaded Naruto and One Piece filler arcs. My favourite characters are Klaus and Dio...I'm a bit of a fangirl but hey-I always put everything under a lj cut at least...::laughs nevervously::

So anyway, I would've brought a little ficcy to post, demo...I've sorta got writer's block...I hope ya'll don't mind if I just include the link to my other story instead- its light angsty fluff..

Title: Al's Perception

Rating: At the severest most-PG

Pairings: Klaus/Dio, Alister/Tatiana, Lavie/Al-friendship,

Warnings: None, nothing really happens as far as getting physical goes...I
m such a dork I seriously can never write lemons an' all that type.....

Location: I do hope this works!

Again, sorry I really couldn't add much at this moment, but I'll pro'lly post up some more Klaus/Dio goodness when I can...anyway nice to meet ya'll! ::Waves estaticly::
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