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LAST EXILE icons by Mae-chan XD

as by request of .:.:hoshinoakari:.:. on GJ... i've made some LAST EXILE icons now... just from one scene ;D its where "evil Dio" squashes the desert moose in his hand and licks it xD she found it amuzing and wanted an animated icon of it... and so i've done it! you better love love me deary! i had to decode my dvd and save it onto my external hard drive so i could use it on my BSPlayer!!!! otherwise i couldn't have screencapped >D LOVE LOVE I DEMAND IT! *gwomp* just kidding ^^;


making your icons were alot more difficult then i figured... but i found some short cuts and tricks along the way ^^ its not your fault i mean, but when it decoded my dvd it made it all kinda weird >>;;; but i fixed it and stuff ^^ i hope i got it right like you wanted...

one of these nights when i get some free time (most likely at 1am again) i'm gonna make myself that LAST EXILE ending sequences of Alvis that's i've been dreaming of *_____* and i shall succeed! but yes... back to homework now u_u;

<3 Mae-chan
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