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A Last Exile Icon Community

Requiem in the air

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Welcome to Exile_Symphony, an Icon community created for the anime Last Exile. This community is an excellent place to show any Exile icons you may have made or even some icons that you admire of others (as long as credit is given). There will also be, from time to time, a contest which will be open for anyone to enter, and the rules will posted in accordance. Welcome to the community, and we hope you enjoy it here. If you have any questions feel free to contact me araceli_maura.

Note about images:
A great place that houses a lot of Last Exile screen caps is http://halo-productions.com/LastExile/ if you ever need them. If you're looking for a certain cap that site doesn't seem to carry, feel free to email me or leave a comment and I'll cap the specified image for you. If you do this please try to be detailed in your explanation so I can get the right cap for you.


1) Please be respectful of others
2) If you choose to post an icon that does not belong to you, please make sure proper credit is given.
2) All entries must pertain to the anime Last Exile.
3) If you are participating in the contest portion, please do not post your icon anywhere else until the contest is over.
4) If you are participating in the contest portion, only submit one entry per person.
5) If you are participating int he contest portion, please do not vote for yourself.
6) Your submissions must be within the LJ standards - 100x100 only.

For Contest Entries Only:
A remote linking host will be needed. www.photobucket.com is an excellent tool, and it's also free. Huzzah! Please do not use an LJ link or a standard site such as geocities or angellink. When posting your icon please leave the URL along with it. Example:

URL: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v125/AraceliMaura/desire.jpg

Timeline for contest entries:

Submission deadline! Friday night
1. The icons will be up to vote for on Friday night.
2. You will have till Sunday evening to vote.
3. Winners will be announced and the new contest will begin Sunday night.